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How does 5hosting work



  1. Database Cluster
  2. Email Cluster
  3. Load Balancers
  4. Webserver Nodes
  5. Centralized Storage
  6. Control unit


The graphic above illustrates our generalized basic setup. You can distinct between three different cluster types.
The database cluster (#1) which holds all databases on SSD servers, the email cluster (#2) which is responsible for all email communication and the webcluster (#3 - #6) which is described further.
When you visit your website you are first directed to one of our load balancers (#3). A load balancer distributes the oncoming website calls to different webservers (#4) depending on the current workload of each webserver. This allows us to have the maximum performance since the calls are distributed over all of our webservers. Furthermore this also allows us to reboot single webservers for maintanance or shut them down for hardware upgrades without you even noticing it. The load balancers will redirect your request to a different webserver node. This means that we can achieve high availability and your website is online all the time.
For the webserver nodes to access your website there needs to be a centralized storage (#5) in the background. The storages we use are high qualitive ones with lots of harddrives, different disk types (SSD, SAS, SATA II etc.) and multiple backplanes. This allows us to scale to your needs and assure that the distributed data will be available all the time. For all of our security checks and the management of our cluster there is a control unit (#6) that monitors the health of the cluster all the time.

The 5hosting customer interface is a unique developed solution to make the control of this complex environment as easy as possible. It aims at giving you the highest flexibility, so that you can fullfill your daily goals on your own without being an IT professional.

  • The customer interface landing page with the most used links for your comfort.

  • A ticketsystem is integrated for direct communication with our support staff.

  • You can see the status of your bills and pay them easy and directly through paypal.

  • You can always see the status of your friends. 5 friends means free webhosting!

  • The controlpanel is the heart of the customer interface.

  • The webserver manager handles all Domain related tasks such as forwardings or vhost settings.
    You can change all PHP.ini settings here with the PHP+ function.

  • The MySQL manager is used for handling the database users, databases and the relations.
    You can specify multiple users to have access to a single database.

  • Everything related to your emails is configured in the email manager, such as email accounts or forwardings.

  • You can add multiple FTP users and lock them into folders for security reasons.

  • SSL security can easily be achieved with our SSL manager.
    With a simple click you can generate your own SSL certificate.

  • The domainrobot handles all your domains in real time.
    As soon as you register a domain, it automatically gets connected with our cluster.

  • The DNS controlpanel allows you to managed and change all DNS records on your own.

  • With the 1ClickInstaller you can install and delete the most used webapplications with a single click!


Currently available PHP Versions: 5.3, 5.4, 5.5
The following table is an overview over your PHP environment.
You can change all settings in the customer menu by using our PHP+ function, or by using an .htaccess file.

allow_url_fopen ON allow_url_include OFF
display_errors OFF max_execution_time 30
memory_limit 128M post_max_size 8M
register_globals OFF safe_mode OFF
ionCube PHP Loader Zend Guard Loader


The most important thing about a high quality website is: Performance! Your websites need to be delivered as if they were stored locally.
To ensure this, we only use SSD harddisks! It can't get any faster than this.


Our automated systems are actively monitoring our network traffic and logfiles. Malicious traffic automatically gets blocked, so that we can secure your websites from any harm - you don't have to anything, we do this for free and for your safety.
We use honeypot systems which are located world wide, so that we can find attackers before they even try to access our network. This gives us the chance to eliminate bad traffic before it even hits your website.


It's our mission to define us by quality and transparency in this confusing webhosting branche.
When talking about quality we mean stability, high availability and the best performance. With transparency we mean cost transparency - there is only one product with a fixed monthly price and no hidden fees!