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Frequently Asked Questions

Many times the questions are repeating. That's why we assembled a database with the most common questions and their answers, also known as our knowledge base. Try it, lets see if we have your questions already answered!
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Ticket System

If your question wasn't in our knowledge base then please don't hesitate to contact our highly trained support team by using our ticket system. Our support team will be happy to help you and return to you as soon as possible.
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IP Status:

Our clusters are equiped with self defense scripts. This means that suspicious behavior, port scanning, bruteforcing etc. will remain in an automated ban. If you can't access your website or the FTP server, it may be that our system automatically blocked you.

The current status of your IP is:
Your IP is not blocked in our clusters. Everything should be working fine.

Cluster Security

Amount of currently blocked IP Adresses: 117
Amount of all blocked IP Adresses ever: 245.896

Current Threat Level of Attacks: high


Server Status

You will find all server status here. This allows you directly to see if all systems are up and running.
The displayed data is collected from our real time monitoring system.
OK   indicates that the system is online and all configured services are running
FOK   indicates that the system is online but there is a problem with atleast one service
NOK   indicates that the system is offline
DOWN   indicates that the system is offline on purpose (e.g. maintenance)

Vital Cluster Systems

OK 001.stor.1.fge OK 002.stor.1.fge OK 003.stor.1.fge
OK sys.1.fge        

Webserver Nodes

OK 001.w.1.fge OK 002.w.1.fge OK 003.w.1.fge OK 004.w.1.fge OK 005.w.1.fge
OK 006.w.1.fge OK 007.w.1.fge OK 008.w.1.fge OK 009.w.1.fge OK 010.w.1.fge
OK 011.w.1.fge OK 012.w.1.fge OK 013.w.1.fge OK 014.w.1.fge OK 015.w.1.fge
OK 016.w.1.fge OK 017.w.1.fge OK 018.w.1.fge OK 019.w.1.fge OK 020.w.1.fge
OK 021.w.1.fge OK 022.w.1.fge OK 023.w.1.fge OK 024.w.1.fge OK 025.w.1.fge
OK 026.w.1.fge OK 027.w.1.fge OK 028.w.1.fge OK 029.w.1.fge OK 030.w.1.fge
OK 031.w.1.fge OK 032.w.1.fge OK 033.w.1.fge OK 034.w.1.fge OK 035.w.1.fge
OK 036.w.1.fge OK 037.w.1.fge OK 038.w.1.fge OK 039.w.1.fge OK 040.w.1.fge

Database Servers

OK 001.mysql.db.fge OK 002.mysql.db.fge OK 003.mysql.db.fge
OK 001.postgresql.db.fge        

Email Servers

OK 001.mail.fge OK 002.mail.fge OK 003.mail.fge